Smart Monitoring for Industry

Creating a smart and sustainable industry.

We develop products that allow manufacturers to easily monitor energy consumption and gain insight into machine maintenance. Our focus is on making smart monitoring simple. We do this by offering a solution that is easy to install and use. In addition, our consultants provide customized advice appropriate to your plant’s situation.

Electricity Management

Monitor your electricity consumption at machine level to identify energy waste, and receive saving opportunities.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor the condition of your machines real-time to prevent machine breakdown, and get notifications.

Water Management

Monitor your water consumption to identify leakage and receive saving opportunities.

Gas Management

Monitor your gas consumption and get personalized saving opportunities to save on your gas bill.

Compressed Air Management

Monitor the flow of your compressed air system, and receive real-time notifications if we identify leakages.

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor your temperature consistently to ensure production quality in your plant