About Us

Who We are

IPDP is an integrated project delivery partner company that focuses on delivering the identified projects in a partnership with a group of relevant subject matter experts and potential business owners.

IPDP strength is its network of expertise and subject matter experts developed over years by members of the IPDP company. Their vast knowledge and expertise are corroborated and channeled by IPDP lead members in delivering a specific project. Some members are business professionals who had helmed multinational companies or completed complex project delivery assignments. IPDP knowledge is boosted with members who are also in academia (and still actively pursuing respective research).

In some cases, this collaboration and project leads to IPDP being appointed to either manage certain project or to market those products that came out from the collaboration.

Our Mission

Delivering solutions through smart partnership and championing in technology of the future

Whether Your Project is Large or Small,
We Can Help!

Please let us know about your project and how you would like us to assist you to achieve the goals for your business.