Infrastructure, Building and Construction Monitoring

IoT solutions for construction and infrastructure maintenance

The application of sensor technology and wireless data transmission, along with the processing and presentation of data in the cloud offer great advantages for many different sectors.

Construction, civil works and infrastructure management are areas that can benefit in many ways from integrated solutions that combine these technologies.

These are sectors with very specific needs, for which Witeklab develops profitable and  innovative solutions with high added value, thanks to extensive experience in our specialty fields, the high capacity to analyze the problems and needs of companies and subsectors and the close collaboration with top-level research teams.

Witeklab's own sensor laboratory

We develop our own advanced technology IoT smart sensors, applying energy harvesting techniques and CMOS embedded chip technology.

Wireless power transmission

Providing power  to devices, without the use of cables or contacts, facilitates the interconnection of systems, allows faster installations and lengthens the life of the devices, extending their range of applications.

At Witeklab we incorporate detection systems with wireless devices and the transmission of wireless energy to our solutions, as they are cleaner, more efficient and easier to deploy technologies.

Radio communications

We have extensive experience in short, medium and long range wireless systems, highly efficient for the transmission of data in real time and in complicated environments, as well as for the integration of data capture, processing and information systems.