Geophysical Sensor and Dynamic Monitoring Services

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A company specialized in geophysical instrumentation and systems for monitoring buildings, structures and terrain. Our fields of work include applied geophysics and we also research and develop integrated systems in the oil and gas sector.


Dynamic monitoring is suitable for monitoring the structural health and response of large structures (dams, railway lines, bridges, subway lines, historic buildings, platforms, etc.)

Structural health monitoring and analysis requires the deployment of strong motion accelerometers and their connection to seismic recorders for data acquisition and analysis systems. The observed data can allow one to determine whether the structure is exceeding its performance criteria and to identify behavioral characteristics through specific methods such as modal analysis


Solgeo creates a wide range of data loggers for different fields of application: seismic, microseismic and civil, ideal for all your needs.

Solgeo designs and manufactures every type of data acquisition system: multi-channel, portable and with integrated sensors.

They are extremely reliable and high-performance tools. Among the various applications, Solgeo provides data loggers for monitoring large infrastructures.

We are leaders in monitoring and acquirers are among our strengths.

Sensors for dynamic monitoring

Sensors for dynamic monitoring: seismic sensors and accelerometers for the measurement of seismic events and for the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of civil and industrial buildings and structures.

We are a leader in the monitoring sector, with a wide range of sensors to meet every demand.

We have high-performance sensors for all types of applications: seismic and microseismic for civil and large infrastructures.

The sensors are easy to install, robust and reliable. Solgeo develops sensors with state-of-the-art technical features to provide high performance to our client.