Smart and Mobile Inspection System for Leak Detection in Valves

The software-based inspection system Valve Sense for Zone 1/21 is developed together with our strategic partner MOBILE – the market and innovation leader for explosion-proof mobile devices.

The digital system connects acoustic emission sensors to the modern smartphone IS540.1 and is equipped with our innovative software. It is a unique tool for preventive maintenance in demanding industrial environments.


Identify the valve

Scan a RFID tag, QR code or enter valve meta data into our input mask. This brings structure to your inspection process.

Collect the acoustic emission signals

The software guides you through the process and shows you step by step where to measure on the valve.

Get immediate results on site

Our algorithm automatically detects whether a valve is leaking or not.

Instantly create automated and customized reports

Derive further maintenance measures and create action plans based on Sensevens' reports.